ABC Book of
Liturgical Dance

Should you dance while pregnant? What's the proper dance attire for ministry?This book answers some of the most commonly asked questions about praise dance.

$ 9.99

Dancing into the Anointing
A book on how to touch the heart of God through your dance. Written by Aimee Kovacs

Divine Choreography
Learn the basics of anointed choreography; Proper expressions; Do's and Don'ts and much more.

God who could dance
How does God really feel about dance? By Marilyn Wright

I Just Want to Dance
A study in God's purpose for the dance. Barbara Yarborough, Author.

Let the Breaking Begin
How and why God breaks us for His glory! Frieda Cox, Author

Make His Priase Glorious
Easy to follow banner making book by JoAnn Vallie Rush

The Dance Ministry Unto the Lord
Learn the basics of starting a praise dance ministry by JoAnn Vallie Rush

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